EHA Objectives

  1. Participating positively in studying and issuing legislations related to hotel industry.
  2. Promoting tourism marketing plans, as well as assisting hotels in getting their fair share of these plans during International Trade Fairs.
  3. Establishing a pricing policy with the aim of ensuring a fair market share to all hotels category.
  4. Preparing detailed feasibility studies to determine investment opportunities in the hotel industry, and defining growth rates and expansion in hotel capacity.
  5. Playing a more active role in reconciling members when disputes between owning and managing companies, or between hotels and travel agencies, occur.
  6. Participating in evaluating training programs, and playing an active role in cooperation with the Egyptian Tourism Federation and the Ministry of Tourism in the implementation of these programs
  7. Establishing and implementing local media plans in order to generate a supportive public opinion towards obstacles and requirements of the hotel industry.
  8. Solving hotels’ problems that require urgent solutions.